256 Hospitality
Bitcoin & Web3 Management
Founded by two veterans of the Hospitality Industry, the married couple has over 50 years combined experience working in a wide array of food and beverage establishments and resorts. They have spent the last five years studying Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology, more commonly known as Web3. Frustrated with the lack of automation and high cost of transactional fees, they set out to build solutions to help the hospitality industry transition to peer to peer Web3.

Web3 Services

Event & Club Management

256 Hospitality assists Web3 communities with hosting curated events and experiences with our network of hospitality partners. Collaborations with like-minded Web3 communities will open up the doors for our clients such as white list reservations, exclusive events, unique rewards and early access passes… endless opportunities exist with Web3 community partnerships!

Consulting & Development

Small Business and Hospitality Creatives have the opportunity to connect with their followers in ways that were never before possible. An NFT strategy can engage your followers in creative ways that can be as unique as the business or individual creating it. We assist small businesses and individual hospitality creatives with their personalized NFT and Web3 strategy. Near zero transaction fees using Lightning/Liquid Network and Layer two Blockchains add considerable savings to a small business and a brand's bottom line, eliminating expensive credit card fees. Implementing Web3 solutions we are able to reduce labor costs, minimize food waste and automate processes creating profitable businesses and brands.

Tools & Resources

Developing UX/UI software and providing access to information and education will be a big part of onboarding the Hospitality Industry to Web3. Creating intuitive apps for smartphones and devices will improve quality and timeliness of service during the customers virtual and IRL experiences. 24 hour customer service and reliable resources for business operators and service professionals will be available with the tap of a button. Weekly educational and entertaining podcasts with industry leaders in Hospitality and Web3 will keep our partners up to date with the latest trends in Web3 Hospitality.

Web3 Hospitality Solutions

FoodieFrens Club

NFT Membership

Pink Pineapple

NFT Marketplace for Hospitality Industry


Point of Sale & Virtual Services App


Lightning Network Hardware Solutions for Small Businesses

Sovereign Sails DAO

NFT Fractional Cruise Liner Ownership


Christopher Abate


Krystal Abate

Events Director

René Spanier

UX/UI Designer

Zeki Akarsu

Community Manager

Alex Ferzan

Marketing Advisor